Celestial Memorial Sculpture Studio

Vermont Marble

The Marble used in Gary Sassi's creations is quarried underground in Danby, Vermont. It is said to be the most durable because of its high purity. Two Italian firms recently obtained control of the Danby quarry to insure their access to this unique Vermont marble. Imperial Danby Marble is used around the world and has been chosen by the US Veterans Administration for veterans' memorial markers. Our granite comes from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and many foreign countries. We do this to offer choices and provide the best for each use.


No two pieces of marble are alike. Danby marble will have some gray, gold, blue or other steaking. Highly colored pieces are sought after and we reserve the right to surcharge the product to assist in recovering our material cost. Granite also varies and each piece is unique.

To restore a "new" look, simply wash.
Studio Pick-Up

Gary Sassi loves to meet our customers at his studio. You will also see some of the world's finest sculptors at work. Most of our Stone Art creations are conveniently designed to disassemble and be carried in a car trunk. This saves all shipping costs.
Please call for arrangements.


Marble set outdoors will develop a weathered look. Many owners feel this "natural" look is appealing. To restore a "new" look simply wash with soap and water and lightly hand sand with 120 grit sandpaper