Celestial Memorial Sculpture Studio

Introducing Gary Sassi


Gary Sassi was born in Barre, Vermont. His family owned and operated Celestial Memorial, a world famous granite and marble sculpture studio. Gary's grandfather was a renowned sculptor in Venice, Italy.

Some of Gary's earliest memories are of men working with stone in his father's studio and his time spent helping out. All of this heritage led to his formal training and an apprenticeship in Carrara, Italy st the Academy of Fine Arts.

Gary Sassi has created sculptures of various sizes up to the Cape May fishermen's memorial which is life size and weighs over seven tons. More often his works are found in churches and incorporated into granite memorials.

These formal uses of sculpture, Gary felt, had an appeal that was too limited. He wanted to design products that families could own and would bring the beauty of carved Vermont stone to every day settings.


About His Creations


Gary's creations are designed and produced under his supervision if not by his hands. The marble and granite used for our sculptures is hand picked and carefully matched. Only the finest, most durable Vermont marble and granite is used. Benches and birdbaths are designed in three pieces for portability. All outdoor products are designed to be left in place and will not be harmed by winter weather. Only stainless steel pins are used to hold the sections together.